Although a "reentry permit" can provide evidence of intention to reside permanently in the USA, it does ask about tax returns!

#GreenCard holders wishing to apply for a "Reentry Permit" will find this question about tax returns of interest — Citizenship Lawyer (@ExpatriationLaw) September 26, 2017 Once you have been granted the right to live permanently in the United States, and become a “lawful permanent resident”, it is important that you maintain the intention […]

Determining Tax Residency In the United States: Citizenship and other forms of deemed tax residence

Introduction The search for second passports and #offshore havens via @FT – how the #CRS and #FATCA have created @TaxHavenUSA — Citizenship Lawyer (@ExpatriationLaw) May 20, 2017 The advent of the OECD Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) has illuminated the issue of “tax residency” and the desire of people to become “tax residents of  more […]

Be careful what you "fix for"! A Holiday Gift: What to do about the unfiled #FBAR

As 2016 comes to an end … Received #greatholidaynews today from two "ecstatic" renunciants who confirm that the wait time for CLNs is down to 2 – 3 months in Canada! — Citizenship Lawyer (@ExpatriationLaw) December 17, 2016 I suspect that history will show that that the growth in renunciations of U.S. citizenship (and abandonment […]

Canada Pension Plan (and other "foreign social security"), The "net worth" test, Form 8854 and Form 8938

Q. How does the inability of the state of Rhode Island to pay its employee pensions help us understand the “net worth” of a U.S. citizen wanting to renounce U.S. citizenship? A. The answer (like most wisdom in the modern world) is explained in the following tweet. Rhode Island Averts Pension Disaster Without Raising Taxes […]

New instructions to book Canada appointments to relinquish or renounce US citizenship

Has it become too much work to remain a U.S. citizen? Has the time come to renounce U.S. citizenship? Would you be a "covered expatriate" if you renounced? Subject to the "Exit Tax"? via @ExpatriationLaw — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) March 11, 2018 Click here if you want help […]