Move To Canada

Considering a move to Canada?

America is clearly divided. Regardless of political affiliation, it’s clear that more and more Americans are motivated to leave the United States. A “knee jerk” reaction is to say:

“I’m moving to Canada.”

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Those moving to Canada are in one of two groups.

Group 1 – Those who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents

That may or may not be possible (depending on your personal circumstances). Canada does NOT have a “retirement visa” per se. But, Canada does have immigration opportunities for people who are educated and are perceived to meet Canada’s economic needs. Please note that the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020 reduced the number of people granted permanent residence in Canada. The Government Of Canada has publicly stated that it wishes to increase the level of immigration in the coming years. Frankly Canada must increase its population who are working and paying taxes.

Immigration opportunities include:

– attending one of Canada’s world class educational institutions and then leverage the educational opportunity to the status of permanent resident of Canada and then (after five years) Canadian ciizenship

– US citizens coming to Canada under the USMCA visa (formerly NAFTA)

– Express entry

– Student visa

– and more …

Certification Of Foreign (from a Canadian perspective) Professionals In Canada:

Dentists, lawyers, nurses, doctors, etc. can (in general be licensed in Canadian provinces. The rules vary from province to province. For many years I have been involved in assisting non-Canadian lawyers and law school graduates becoming licensed in Canada. You will need a Certificate Of Qualification from the National Committee On Accreditation.

Foreign lawyers (including from the United States) may be interested in my long standing Facebook Group which provides a meeting place.

Foreign nurses are in high demand in various parts of Canada

Language Requirements:

Generally speaking proof of language proficiency is required in the form of a satisfactory IELTS or CELPIP score. For information see:

Canadian Taxation In General And Canadian Taxation Of Non-Canadian Assets And Pensions:

– For US Citizens Moving To Canada

– For US Green Card Holders Moving To Canada

Group 2 – Canadian Citizens Or Permanent Residents Moving Back To Canada

For Canadian Expats Abroad, “Moving Back To Canada” triggers a number of logistical issues.