This site is essentially a “business card” which links to my other sites. I suggest that you spend some time (depending on your primary concern) on my other sites first. Note that because I am a lawyer, any counselling session you have with me will be governed by the rules of “lawyer client” privilege. This means that:

“What’s said in my office, stays in my office.”

Some suggestions:

1. For general information on “How To Come Into U.S. Tax Compliance” click here.

2. If you are NOT in tax compliance, you should NOT just call a tax preparer. My U.S. Taxation Abroad site is an excellent starting point for those who wish to gain an understanding of your obligations under the U.S. tax system. You will be amazed how extensive they are. I can assist you in determining the best way to come into compliance.
Before contacting me (or any other lawyer, accountant or tax preparer), I urge you to read  this post.

3. For some, U.S. citizenship is a bigger problem and expense than they can bear. If you want to consider relinquishing U.S. citizenship, I refer you to:

Of course, I would be pleased to assist you with “Expatriation”  as well.

4. Living as a U.S. citizen abroad – the business of life. You will find plenty of thoughts in my article “How To Live Outside the United States in an FBAR and FATCA World“.

Because I live in Canada I understand the ins and outs of Canadian retirement planning and small business corporations. This makes me uniquely qualified to assist Canadians. That said, I am happy to work with people all over the world in areas where I can help.

A word on the world of the internet, blogs and sites …

Information found on the internet (including this site) is of a general nature only. Internet sites are ONLY to help you identify issues that may be of relevance to you. They cannot be relied on for accuracy (things change fast in the world) or for legal advice.

Contact options for those who wish a consultation:

Skype – “CitizenshipSolutions”

Toronto Phone Number – 416 423 4529

Telegram – CitizenshipSolutions

Please be advised that I am having trouble with the contact form below. Therefore, in order to ensure that I receive your message, please either telephone me or send me an email at: “citizenshipsolutions at runbox dot com”.


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