Are you a U.S. citizen?

A surprisingly large number of people are confused about the status of their U.S. citizenship. There are people who are U.S. citizens who think they are not. They are people who are not U.S. citizens who think they are. There are people who are entitled to a back-dated CLN who don’t know it. A clear determination of citizenship status is the first step in any analysis.

I have successfully assisted a large number of people who have applied for Certificates of Loss of Nationality for having relinquished U.S. citizenship years ago.


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  1. Mario Traina

    Greetings. I admit, I too am confused on whether I am a Canadian or still an American citizen. I was born in the USA, but became a Canadian citizen some 30 years ago. My passport says, Canadian Citizen. With regards then to the FACTA issue, what am I and what steps do I need to take?
    Thank you,


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