U.S. tax professionals discuss the principle that: The United States imposes a separate and more punitive taxation on #Americansabroad and @USAccidental

Here are some links to some of my videos discussion various of aspects of FATCA and U.S. “citizenship-based taxation”. In general there are three sources:

1. My personal YouTube channel.

2. Videos made at ThatChannel.com (a small Toronto internet based television station).

3. Podcasts at “PREP Podcaster” – featuring many interesting discussions with interesting people.

In March of 2019 I began a discussion at Tax Connections exploring the principle that:

“The United States is imposing a separate and more punitive tax system on people who are tax residents of other countries and do not live in the United States.”

As part of this discussion I had some discussion with Virginia La Torre Jeker, Peter Megoudis and Elena Hanson. Each of them is highly experienced and knowledgeable about how the U.S. tax system applies to Americans abroad and accidental Americans. The discussion took place in March of 2019. It turned out to be a very long discussion. Rather than include a video of the complete discussion, I have broken this into smaller videos that are based on themes.

This post is to separate and highlight the videos that resulted from this discussion.

First three short clips:

Video 1: The general message – Yes, the USA is imposing a separate and punitive tax system on Americans abroad!

Video 2: Are all U.S. citizens presumed to return to the United States to live? Peter Megoudis explains that America really invented the concept of the expat.

Video 3: Elena Hanson explains that professional fees are a form of asset confiscation

Videos 4 – 8 more extensive discussion about specific topics

Video 4: Introduction to the principles of how the U.S. tax system applies differently to Americans abroad

Video 5: Report early! Report Often! Report Everything! Keep a record of what you report!

Video 6: “Some” specific areas where Americans abroad are taxed more punitively

Video 7: Considering renouncing U.S. citizenship? Covered expatriates with non-U.S. pensions are at risk of having their pensions confiscated

Video 8: Putting it all in the context of Canadian residents

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