One thought on “Canadian judicial climate good for legal challenge to #FATCA

  1. Tim Post author

    There a couple of hurdles the government has yet to have gone through with regard to ratifying the IGA. First they need to table the actual agreement in the House of Commons. They have not yet done so(in additional to waiting 21 sitting days afterwards to bring forward legislation to ratify). I thought we might have seen it tabled yesterday and I was watching to CPAC live but it was not(nor was it today).
    I also thought notwithstanding the above rules they might have tried to sneak something into the spring budget bill. Looking at the Ways and Means motion tabled yesterday it looks like though there is nothing FATCA related in it.
    So I think given the events of the last few days the odds are rising that we might not even see FATCA come to a vote in Parliament before July 1. Of course this brings the question up when is the “Real” deadline from the IRS’ standpoint for Canada to ratify the IGA if the deadline is NOT July 1 of this year.


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