US Social Security and #Americansabroad

Eligibility for U.S. Social Security:

In general, the fact of living outside the United States and/or expatriation do NOT disqualify you from receiving Social Security, as long as you have otherwise met the requirements. The United States Government Social Security site is here.
This is not a simple topic. The rules for the self-employed are different from the employed. The United States and Canada have a “totalization agreement”. In general this agreement allows for work in one country to qualify for Social Security in the other country. I suggest that you digest this information slowly. Two informative posts on this topic are from:

U.S. Taxation Abroad: U.S. Social Security and Americans abroad; and

American Citizens Abroad: U.S. Social Security

U.S. Taxation of U.S. Social Security of Americans abroad or those who have expatriated:

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