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2023 Conference: Oppressive Nationality Attribution And The Weaponization Of Citizenship




Just by accident I discovered a recent conference discussing (among other things) the wrongful attribution of nationality and the weaponization of citizenship generally. I haven’t had the time to read all of this. At a bare minimum this does discuss issues that may have applicability of the plight of Americans abroad.

Questions may include:

1. Does the difficulty in renouncing U.S. citizenship constitute the wrongful attribution of citizenship?

2. Does the United States use of “citizenship” to claim the residents of other countries as U.S. “tax residents” constitute the “weaponization of citizenship”?

3. Does the United States use of citizenship to drain capital from the tax base of other countries constitute the weaponization of citizenship (U.S.) against other countries?

In this context I am reminded of the peition (which originated with the Isaac Brock Society) to the UN Human Rights Commission arguing that the US rules of “citizenship taxation” violate various international human rights laws.

Here are the articles …

I would be interested in any and all comments on this topic.

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