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New instructions to book Canada appointments to relinquish or renounce US citizenship

Click here if you want help with your renunciation of U.S. citizenship.
Updates – February 2018:
I am available to assist you on a “consultation basis” (fee based). If you wish assistance please contact me by email or through the contact form..

So, what’s new?
The 2017 “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” failed to provide any relief for the “tax residents of other countries” that are subject to U.S. “worldwide taxation”. The United States continues to impose “worldwide taxation” on the “tax residents” of other countries (who do not live in the USA). There are some who believe that the situation is now worse. Specifically that the United States is now imposing a “transition tax” on the owners of Canadian Controlled Private Corporations. The demand to renounce U.S. citizenship continues to grow.I predict that number of renunciations will dramatically increase. Those Canada U.S. dual citizens who have NEXUS cards should read the following post which discusses the impact of renouncing U.S. citizenship on your existing NEXUS card.
Those who are NOT renouncing but are attempting to seek a “relinquishment” based on an earlier “expatriating act” will need to complete DS-4079 (and I strongly suggest get professional advice).
Those who want additional information about the lawful abandonment of lawful permanent resident status (Green Cards) should read here.
For those who want to  book appointments to relinquish or renounce U.S. citizenship in Canada:

  1. These new instructions have recently taken effect.
  2. In order to book an appointment you email: CanadaCLNInquiries@state.gov
  3. You will receive a reply that includes (see below)
  4. Note that you are not permitted to have an “attorney” with you at the appointment
  5. You must also complete the questionnaire which is here:

(Canada seems to NOTcontinue require Form 4079 to RENOUNCE an issue that I have discussed here.) Form 4079 is used for RELINQUISHMENTS.
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