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Scenes from the #FBAR Marriage: what can happen if #Americansabroad share a bank account with a non-US person

Part 1 – The problem of a U.S. person sharing financial accounts with a non-U.S. person – Probably better to NOT do it!

The above tweet references the following comment at the Isaac Brock Society:

Very timely post. After a weekend when my family was annoyed at me doing my taxes, I thought I was done, but unfortunately not. Try as I might, I could not convince my husband to remove his name from one of our joint checking accounts. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell his family. Various members deposited sums into the account for different reasons near the end of the British tax year, including the repayment of a large business loan that my entirely British husband had made out of his savings. So now instead of being done with my taxes, I have to fill in the dreaded 8938 because of money that isn’t even mine. For a while I was angry at my husband, but it is really the U.S. government with all of its fiddly rules that is at fault.

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