Part 9: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: From the "Pax Americana" to the "Tax Americana"

Q. What do #MeghanMarkle and the @USTransitionTax have in common? A. They are two news items of 2018 that will draw attention to U.S. policy of imposing "worldwide taxation" on […]

Part 8: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: This small business thought it was saving to invest in business expansion – Wrong, they were saving to be robbed by America!

RT: The USA Must stop imposing "worldwide taxation" on any individual who has @taxresidency in another country and does not live in the USA. This is NOT a partisan issue. […]

Part 7: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: Why the transition tax creates a fictional tax event that allows the U.S. to collect tax where it never could have before

Brilliant! @FinMusings explains how @USTransitionTax allows USA to collect tax on income that never would have resulted in U.S. tax payable! By changing timing and "frontrunning" USA creates a "fictional […]

Part 6: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: A "reprieve" until June 15, 2018

Those with an automatic filing extension until June 15, 2018 appear to have a "reprieve" on the first @USTransitionTax payment until June 15, 2018 – — John Richardson […]

Part 5: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: Shades of #OVDP! April 15/18 is your last, best chance to comply!

Introduction This is the fifth in my series of posts about the Sec. 965 Transition Tax and whether/how it applies to the small business corporations owned by tax paying residents […]

Part 4: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: Comparing the treatment of individuals who are US residents to US citizens living outside the USA

Great presentation! Lawyer Monte Silver explains how the @USTransitionTax is very much like the 2011 #OVDI program! Do you remember: "This is your last best chance to come into compliance!" […]

Part 3: Responding to the Sec. 965 "transition tax": They hate you for (and want) your pensions!

The discussion around the @USTransitionTax and it's possible applicability to #Americansabroad shows why U.S. @nonresidenttax must end – Dangerous to be American if you don't live in America! […]

Part 2: Responding to The Section 965 "transition tax": Is "resistance futile"? The possible use of the Canada U.S. tax treaty to defeat the "transition tax"

Beginning with the conclusion (for those who don’t want to read the post) … For the reasons given in this post, I believe that there are grounds to argue that […]

Part 1: Responding to The Section 965 "transition tax": "Resistance is futile" but "Compliance is impossible"

Introduction and background … “This legislation is being interpreted by a number of tax professionals to mean that individual U.S. citizens living outside the United States are required to simply […]

U.S. Tax Reform and the "nonresident" corporation owner: Does the Sec. 965 transition tax apply?

Understanding the @USTransitionTax – the possible implications for small for small business owners who do NOT reside in the United States – A 7 part video series with John Richardson […]