Are Green Card holders resident outside the USA "US persons" under the #FATCA IGA?

Introduction … Circa 2014: Are Green Card Holders who r resident in Canada "US Persons" within the meaning of Canada US FATCA IGA? — John Richardson – Counsellor for […]

Why the S. 877A(g)(1)(B) "dual citizen exemption" encourages dual citizens from birth to remain US citizens and others (except @SenTedCruz) to renounce

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Thoughts from a conversation: Green Cards – Dangers of moving to America and moving from America

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US Tax In Canada

The United States imposes worldwide taxation on people who are US citizens and residents (Green Card or substantial presence) even if they live outside the United States ANDA are “tax […]

Bonjour Part 2 – US Citizens Living In France Can Use French Tax As A Credit To Offset The Obamacare Surtax!

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US Residents Who Own Residential Property In Canada May Be Subject To Various Vacant And Underused Property Taxes

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Bonjour: Different US Tax Treaties Provide Different US Taxation For Different Groups Of Americans Abroad

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