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Americans Abroad And Voting Part 1: How To Vote In The November 3, 2020 US Election

Introduction – Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport

The 21st century has been notable for an evolving assault on representative democracy.

Examples include:

1. The rise of the head state who is to serve for life.

2. An unhealthy mass of power in the hands of political parties in general and small parts of the party in particular. Does the individual/local representative (Congressman or MP) even matter?

3. A sentiment that individual votes no longer matter or that they are no candidates worth voting for.

Variants of these themes are being played out all over the world.

In general, politicians operate on the principle that:

“The business of the public is none of the public’s business.”

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Canadian Expats Abroad – The four tax issues you should know about, but didn't know to ask


The Canadian Expat believes that Canadians abroad represent an incredibly rich and valuable resource for Canada. Canadians living and working abroad are directly and indirectly responsible for billions of dollars in bilateral trade. They are exceptionally well educated, linguistically adept and culturally bilingual. They are cultural and economic ambassadors for Canada. The more we as a country engage them, the more Canada will prosper.
There are an estimated 2.8 million Canadians living and working outside of the country. To put that in perspective it would constitute the 4th largest province in Canada.
In the 21st Century the most interesting thing about a person is their “tax residency”

It’s not only Americans abroad who have difficult tax issues. Moving to another country subjects all people to new and difficult tax problems. Canadians are NOT exempt from problems when they move from Canada. It’s important that tax residency in Canada be clearly understood. These problems include (but are certainly not limited to):
Becoming a non-resident: Severing Tax Residency With Canada

The cost of becoming a non-resident: Canada Departure Tax

Living as a non-resident of Canada: Taxation on Canadian source income while a non-resident of Canada

Taxation and reporting of Canadian assets while living as a tax resident of another country

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