Attn: Former U.S. Citizens: Are you STILL or have you EVER BEEN a U.S. "Tax Citizen"?

Attn: Former U.S. Citizens: Are you STILL or have you EVER BEEN a U.S. “Tax Citizen”? — Citizenship Lawyer (@ExpatriationLaw) March 4, 2015 Synopsis: This is a long post. In fact, it is too long for the average reader. Therefore, I wish to summarize the purpose and possible (but not certain conclusion) of the […]

The United States of America – One country two citizenships – Introducing the "Tax Citizen"

Dual Citizenship – American style – All Americans are both “Citizens” and “Tax Citizens” One Country – Two Citizenships First Citizenship – Citizenship for Nationality Purposes Americans have always been proud of their U.S. citizenship. Most U.S. citizens regard their U.S. citizenship as the most valuable thing they have. Most Americans will fight for their […]

John Richardson Interview With Danielle Smith About FATCA and @Citizenshiptax

Richardson, to Canadian radio talk show hostess Danielle Smith: U.S. FATCA info requirements ‘incredibly intrusive’ — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) November 13, 2021 On November 12, 2019 CBC Reporter Elizabeth Thompson published an interesting article. The article, reported that “Nearly a million bank records sent to IRS“. Ms. Thompson’s […]

Toward An Explanation For Why Some Americans Abroad Oppose Changes To Citizenship Taxation

American @citizenshiptax AKA #ExtraterritorialTax Affects Different Groups of #Americansabroad in Different Ways – Why some groups oppose a change to RBT via @SEATNow_org — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) June 7, 2021 Prologue This is the fourth of a series of posts focussing on the need to end US citizenship-based […]

Toward An Explanation For Why Some Americans Abroad Are Complacent About Citizenship Taxation

US @CitizenshipTax AKA #Extraterritorialtax is greater than the self-interest of any one person. It affects you in ways that may not be obvious now. It affects your neighbours. It affects the sovereignty of your country of residence. It affects the future value of US citizenship — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) […]

Comments from Americans abroad about the effects of #FATCA and @CitizenshipTax

The words “exit tax” should not be included in any discussion of RBT that includes existing #Americansabroad and what non-US assets they have. People should not have to buy their freedom. — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) May 23, 2021 Those contributing to conversations on Social media about FATCA and US […]

A simple regulatory fix for the problem of US citizenship taxation

Discussion @TAPInternation @FixTheTaxTreaty @Expatriationlaw moderated by @RobertGoulder: "Citizenship-Based Taxation: A Simple Regulatory Fix" via @YouTube — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) January 27, 2021 Background In 2016 I first made the suggestion that citizenship-based taxation could be changed through Treasury regulation. In October of 2020 John Richardson, Dr. Karen Alpert […]

US citizens living in Canada will NOT pay US tax on $1200 US Cares Act payment but likely will pay US tax on Canada’s CERB Payment

Prologue – The Only Certainties Are Death And Taxes But are these payments taxable and if so by whom? "U.S. persons living in Canada could benefit from #COVID19 aid from both Canada and the USA" /via @globeandmail — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) September 21, 2020 The above tweet references […]

China does not have and is not moving toward US style citizenship-based taxation

Readers Digest Version: The Bottom Line Is … As reported by American Expat Finance, which discusses an interview with Dr. Bernard Schneider of Queen Mary … John Richardson Podcast: Dr Bernard Schneider, an expert in int'l tax law at Queen Mary U in London, says China does NOT have a US-style citizenship-based tax regime and […]

Renunciation is a process of transitioning from US citizen to nonresident alien. How does this affect your tax situation?

On June 25, 2020 Dr. Karen Alpert and I did a series of podcasts where we discussed how renunciation will affect your interaction with the US tax system. The key point is that you will still be taxable by the United States on US source income. What does that mean? Under what circumstances could renunciation […]