Even in “retirement” Jackie Bugnion writes the best arguments against citizenship taxation ever

A fantastic article explaining what US citizenship taxation really is and why it MUST be abolished – that's a #FATCA https://t.co/YLscA38H3Y — John Richardson – lawyer for "U.S. persons" abroad […]

Beyer, Titus Introduce Tax Simplification for Americans Abroad Act – September 2023

Introduction and initial reactions Join us for the discussion tomorrow! How the party of #FATCA promises to make life easier for US expats. Join us for the discussion live at […]

Part 45 – “Some” examples where the U.S. creates unrealized “foreign income” before a realization event in the source country

Let There Be Income And There Was Income! "The Little Red Transition Tax Book" – Everything you need to know about the 965bmandatory repatriation tax but didn't know to ask. […]

Part 44 – The Moores, Unrealized Income And Exporting US Taxes, Forms And Penalties To Residents Of Other Countries

Exporting U.S. taxes, forms and penalties to the residents of other countries "The Little Red Transition Tax Book" – Everything you need to know about the 965bmandatory repatriation tax but […]

How U.S. Citizenship Tax, The Treaty “Saving Clause” and FATCA Create A Fiscal Prison For Dual Tax Residents

Introduction – The Problem Of Dual Tax Residency For U.S. Citizens Wanted Dead Or Alive! US @citizenshiptax reinforced by “saving clause” in tax treaties means treaty partner agrees that US […]

Croatia Agrees To Allow The US To Impose Tax, Forms And Penalties On Its US Citizen Residents

Big News – December 2022 Podcast – @Tpsmyth01and @Expatriationlaw discuss: "US Croatia Proposed Tax Treaty Gives The US Taxing Rights Over Renounced US Citizens" https://t.co/aBtDDgUUic pic.twitter.com/ypsWV7PMil — John Richardson – […]

Biden 2023 Green Book: Six Ways The Proposals Would Affect Americans Abroad

Update April 13, 2022 … Here is yet a seventh way – the treatment of gifts as capital gains – that the Biden Green book would impact Americans Abroad Introduction […]

The Road To Tax Reform For Americans Abroad: Part 2 – Citizenship Taxation And The Seven Deadly Sins

Introduction Life is full of rude awakenings. More and more people are experiencing their OMG moment … The Twin Horrors Of FATCA And Taxation Based Citizenship as described by @Amy_From_Sydney […]

Elizabeth Warren’s “Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act of 2021”: Coming Soon To A Neighbour (and maybe a nonresident spouse) Near You

The Contextual Background – Elizabeth Warren – January 28, 2021 Senator Elizabeth Warren plans to introduce legislation on Monday that would tax America’s wealthiest people. The proposed wealth tax would […]

Part 2: The problem is NOT “worldwide taxation”. The problem is imposing “worldwide taxation” on people who don’t live in South Africa or the USA and are “tax residents’ of other countries.

As goes taxation, so goes civilization. This is Part 2 of my post discussing the South Africa tax situation. Part 1 is here. South Africa is NOT attempting to compete […]