Green card holders: the "tax treaty tiebreaker" rules and taxation of Subpart F and PFIC income

Before you read this post!! Warning!! Warning!! Before a “Green Card” holder uses the “Treaty Tiebreaker” provision of a U.S. Tax Treaty, he/she must consider what is the effect of […]

Interview with – Citizenship based taxation, PFIC, the S. 877A Exit Tax and #Americansabroad

US "citizenship" taxation, #PFIC, US 877A Exit Tax, #Americansabroad, relinquish US citizenship @Expatriationlaw — Citizenship Lawyer (@ExpatriationLaw) May 27, 2015 On May 22, 2015 I was interviewed by Gordon […]

The Unknown Ambassadors: A Saga Of Citizenship – Phyllis Michaux

"The Unknown Ambassadors: A Saga Of Citizenship" by Phyllis Michaux – A great read documenting the history of discrimination against #Americansabraod prior to the #FATCA era … (also provides an […]