Considering renouncing US citizenship? Thinking #citizide? Abandoning your #GreenCard? @Expatriationlaw webinar explaining the S. 877A Exit Tax

The general message … Our next webinar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the US #ExitTax & all of its implications for US nationals looking to give up […]

Relinquishing US citizenship: South African Apartheid, the Accidental Taxpayer and the United States S. 877A exit tax

Introducing this “guest post” This guest post is written by Dominic Ferszt of Cape Town, South Africa. I first became aware of Mr. Ferszt when, in October of 2014, his […]

Tax Haven or Tax Heaven 5: How the 1966 desire to "poach" capital from other nations led to the 2008 S. 877A Exit Tax

Title 26, Subtitle A, Chapter 1, Subchapter N, Part II, Subpart A of the Internal Revenue Code is of great interest.. The text of S. 871 of the Internal Revenue […]

Interview with – Citizenship based taxation, PFIC, the S. 877A Exit Tax and #Americansabroad

US "citizenship" taxation, #PFIC, US 877A Exit Tax, #Americansabroad, relinquish US citizenship @Expatriationlaw — John Richardson – Counsellor for US persons abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) May 27, 2015 On May 22, […]

The teaching of Topsnik 2 – 2016: #Greencard expatriation and the S. 877A "Exit Tax"

What! You want to abandon your Green Card and leave the USA! Reverse Immigration: How IRS Taxes Giving Up Green Cards via @forbes – Leaving the USA? The USA […]

Green Card Holders and #Americansabroad: "Residence", "Long Term Residence" and the S. 877A "Exit Tax"

Tax jurisdiction and residential ties The two types of residential ties considered for all aliens When considering the meaning of “residence” for tax purposes, attempting to ascribe a place of […]

Part 11 – S. 2801 of the Internal Revenue Code is NOT a S. 877A "Exit Tax", but a punishment for the "sins of the father"

Understanding the context of the "covered gift" tax found in Internal Revenue Code S. 2801 … — John Richardson – Counsellor for US persons abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) November 20, 2023 […]