A US Social Security Primer: What you didn’t know and didn’t know to ask!

Hat tip to Mr. L.J. Eiben of Raymond James who provided this excellent presentation.

Social Security script and slides

Now a discussion about US Social Security with L.J. …

Mr. L.J. Eiben is a Financial Advisor at Raymond James.

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Bonus!! Renunciation and US Social Security

2 thoughts on “A US Social Security Primer: What you didn’t know and didn’t know to ask!

  1. Al Craig

    I renounced earlier this year, totally tax compliant.
    I have at least 40 quarters of SS pay in.
    I am approaching my 70th birthday.
    I am a citizen (and resident) of Australia.
    How do I apply for SS?
    Can they direct deposit to my Australian bank?
    If not, is receiving a cheque the only method available?
    If tax is withheld (85%/39%) can I claim it back? How? I no longer file as I am no longer a citizen.

    1. Terry

      I’d also like to know the answer to this. I moved to AU in 2007. My last SS update paperwork (which hadn’t changed since then as I never returned to the US and relinquished) came to an old address. I have tried now, for YEARS, to get my address changed to my current, and likely last address I’ll have (as I live w/my son). The walls I hit say the same thing: your address is changed when you file taxes. I state I am no longer a citizen and no longer file taxes, and haven’t filed taxes, for years. That means the last address they have on file is from years ago. I am directed back into the US tax circle-jerk, over and over. All I want is to have my current address on file. My SS number is not recognized at the online website– one aspect of the circle-jerk I am tossed towards constantly.

      John Richardson? Can you please speak to this issue? Cheers.


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