One thought on “Reasonably Accurate Reporting From CNBC: Video About The Plight Of #Americansabroad

  1. Charles Buckley

    This video is OLD, OLD, OLD, — is long off the air, and Greg Swanson seems to have disappeared. It’s not that accurate, either. Now the gullible Congress people susceptible to being bribed by Wall Street brokers are trying to extend the same tyranny practiced on US citizens abroad to US citizens living in the US, trying to dramatically restrict IRAs and increase their locus of control. As I’ve been saying for years, it’s important to look at who the string pullers behind these unfortunate politicians are, and understand what they’re after. Simply complaining to the politician in power accomplishes little other than a waste of bandwidth (and stir those who want to ‘solve the problem’ by practicing cancel culture — guess what, cancel culture doesn’t solve anything; the wokezoids are living proof).


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