If (U.S. Person) then (Mr. #FBAR Ms. #PFIC and Uncle #FATCA) = Few investment and financial planning opportunities).

Deborah Hicks International – U.S. Expat Tax Conference – November 13, 14/2014 Toronto.
US expat tax and finance conference Toronto 2014 leaflet
This conference is similar to one that has take place in London, U.K. It is designed for tax and investment professionals who deal clients who are U.S. persons.
It is described as:

Our market-leading conference for advisers to US expats goes to Canada!

All those who have American expats as clients know the problems the unique taxation system presents for them – and consequently for their advisers.
We have adapted the approach of our London conference to the specific requirements of a Canadian audience and our programme will cover:
Federal and State tax; Net investment income tax; Delinquent filers and methods of disclosure; Counselling clients through the “trauma” of U.S. citizenship abroad; A panel session on the different approaches to dealing with current issues by advisers in Canada, the US, the UK and Switzerlnd; Real Estate and tax planning; Tax planning for passive minority investors in PFICs/ offshore funds; Regulations 102 and 105, etc.; FATCA reporting issues; and a roundtable covering the visa, immigration, employment law and tax issues involved in relocation.

If (U.S. Person) then (FATCA + FBAR + PFIC + FBAR Marriage + Foreign Trust + Controlled Foreign Corporation + PFIC) = Few investment and financial planning opportunities).
An opportunity to learn why citizens of “the land of the free” have “fewer freedoms than citizens of any other land”!

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