Could the British Commonwealth lead a #FATCA free world?

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The interview referenced in the above tweet features the Honourable Sinclair Stevens and Archbiship Dorian Baxter (Leader and President of the Progressive Canadian Party respectively). It took place on April 14, 2014.

Sinclair Stevens is one of Canada’s most experienced and well known politicians. This interview includes a discussion of interesting aspects of the original Progressive Conservative Party. It is also a fascinating discussion of democracy in Canada.
Dorian Baxter is an Anglican Priest who leads Christ The King, Graceland, an independent Anglican Church in Canada.
The Canadian Progressive Party took the initiative in organizing the December 2012 FATCA Fact Finding Forum which was held in Toronto, Canada.
Of specific interest to those interested in the problems of citizenship:
Introduction: Reminder of the ACA Conference on Citizenship-based Taxation – May 2, 2014 – Toronto
46:00 and 59:00 minute marks – Sinclair Stevens discusses  the Commonwealth and Canada’s role in the Commonwealth. Could (although this was not specifically discussed) the members of the Commonwealth become a “FATCA free” financial system that would compete with the U.S. Europe centric system?
51:00 minute mark – Dorian Baxter talks about FATCA and Canadian sovereignty.
56:00 minute mark – Dorian Baxter talks about political parties and tyranny.
1 hour mark – Discussion of the difference between “leadership” and “management”. Canada needs leadership.

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