4 thoughts on “Richardson Kish comments on Canada #FATCA IGA – Submitted to Department of Finance

  1. NativeCanadian

    Gentlemen, the biggest “Thank You” I can give for your continuing efforts to allow us to live happy healthy lives as Canadians. In my life, this will never be forgotten. Sometimes, my 5 year old daughter comes in when I am on the computer working on either the Brock site or trying to send emails to the media or my Mp etc. and asks me what I am doing. I tell her, I am trying to make your mommy happy again and leave it at that. Thanks again, Michael.

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  3. Em

    As I was reading your submission I was thinking how masterfully you were putting together what I’ve been reading, learning and feeling since my whole unexpected journey into the bizarre land of FATCA began two years ago. I thank you so much for the EXTRAordinary effort it took to make this submission comprehensive and yet easy to assimilate. Also, it was a perfect touch to end with the James Jatras opinion piece from the Toronto Star.

  4. PM

    Outstanding work! This is a great reference for me to try to explain to others what a disaster FATCA is and how our government is failing miserably in its responsibilities towards its citizens. Not only Canada owes you a debt of gratitude, but people around the world would be well advised to read your submission to understand what their governments might be up to. I believe what you say is of interest to citizens in such IGA countries as the UK, France, Germany, Japan, etc., etc. Thanks again.


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