2 thoughts on “Associated Press writer @AdGeller is interested in speaking with #Americansabroad

  1. Just Me Post author

    Since I am Not renouncing, and I have already made my CCW decision, and am now just a snowbird and no longer tax resident in NZ, I am not sure I would fit the profile he is looking for. I could help with insights I suppose. Not sure what he he wants, but as you know, I know the subject(s) reasonably well, and I can hold back the hyperbole to a reasonable level! 🙂

  2. Native Canadian Post author

    I am a Native Canadian who is married to a so called “US person”. I’d be happy to be interviewed and have you learn of my nightmare. My family is in turmoil and we wannot beleive how many more innocent people are having their lives destroyed. I have also alerted the Native Courts to look into this extortion. At first, they thought I was kidding, now they see it and are digging deeper into it. Jay Youngblood in saskatchewan is working on this. We’ll see.


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